Individual Services

CLOSET CURATION– Refresh you wardrobe by letting our staff remove old, worn and outdated pieces from your closet and adding trendy staple pieces that will take your look to the next level.

PERSONAL SHOPPING– If you don’t have time to shop or maybe you don’t want the hassle, let our shopping services pick out the right pieces needed to enhance your wardrobe & refresh your look.

BODY ANALYSIS– Everyone’s body type is different, so learning how to find and wear clothing that is ideal for your specific body is our speciality.  

PERSONAL STYLING– We are the best to do it, our stylists will take you to  the next level. Whether you are in need of a look for a specific occasion, interview, a photoshoot, business meeting, birthday or gala/prom, we are here to help.

COLOR ANALYSIS– This personalized service will teach you what colors work best for your skin tone by teaching you about undertones and how to pop colors that will highlight your wardrobe in the best way.

VIRTUAL STYLING– Personal styling services at the touch of a button. We will assist in any possible when needed. Prices will be based upon services and time needed.

Executive Services

CORPORATE IMAGE SEMINARS teach employees how to represent their company efficiently based on appearance.  We will  assist your corporation & business employees to maintain a professional appearance. Teaching them how to accessorize, and dress in a way that enhances your professional power.  Learn what colors are best and how understand what business casual dress really means. Image is much more than clothing, so we walk through constructing your social media image, your etiquette, your language and many other areas that speak to your professional image. We will provide a step by step manual for each attendee to reference during the training.


U.S.Navy Transition Assistance Program
U.S. Army
Paparazzi Jewelry Inc.
Newport News Public Schools


Pricing is available for the following group capacity:


Pricing is available for the below group capacity:
Groups of 10 or less
Groups of 11-25
Groups over Over 25

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